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    Which Version do We Stick With?

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    Ksmoove Tha GoGo God
    Ksmoove Tha GoGo God
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    Deciding Time Empty Deciding Time

    Post by Ksmoove Tha GoGo God on Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:33 pm

    soo look we have done alot of moving and im ready to settle.
    Each version of this site has its pros and cons but im gonna let you guys decide.

    We can either stay on this joint.
    Go to the second version.
    Go the the third version.
    Or we could buy an official version.

    Second version is
    It runs on phbb
    has a choice of skins that you guys as individual users can choose from and keep it the way you assign it, even though we cant design the skin it is given to us.
    Earlier when we was there temporarily there was alot of complaints of it being SLOW.
    So i know one person already doesnt like that version. Same features and what not for this one.

    The third version is
    It runs on Invision 1.3(an old invision version)
    we have to change the layout by will via css so its not that customizable.
    I can change your post count when i feel like it. Like right now on there i 50k posts yet there is only 2posts on there. I can pre-register people so u dont have to go through the work of registering i can do it in 5secs.
    The downfall is that most graphics are terrible and i dont think anobody here has excellent css experience.

    The last version is
    for those who are hip it runs just like GGC.
    I can do the samething on there like i do on the 3rd version and more. The skin layouts you have to BUY. The site itself we have to BUY. The plan we can work with for now if we dont have a member spike is 9.99 a month gives us 30,000posts a month(nobody is gonna post that much anyways)we can have 20users online at once(we usually have like 5-Cool
    and everything else is unlimited. They give us one month to pay but you have to pay the first month in order to activate it. Me and Kenny already talked about it and its ago if we decide it.
    so now you guys vote and compare.

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    Dark Wolf7171
    Dark Wolf7171

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    Deciding Time Empty Re: Deciding Time

    Post by Dark Wolf7171 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 2:25 am

    I like this one and the last one


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